Returning just the value in PowerShell

This uses “-expand” or “-expanproperty”

Get-ADComputer -filter -searchbase “ou=domain controllers, dc=company,dc=primary”

…this will return a list of computer OBJECTS from the domain controllers OU.

You cannot use this command as a pipeline return….

Get-Service -computerName (Get-ADComputer -filter -searchbase “ou=domain controllers, dc=company,dc=primary”)

As “-ComputerName” is expecting a string and NOT an object. To resolve this we can use the “-expand” to extract a property……

Get-ADComputer -filter -searchbase “ou=domain controllers, dc=company,dc=primary” | Select-Object -expandproperty Name

So, this would work…..

Get-Service -computerName (Get-ADComputer -filter -searchbase “ou=domain controllers, dc=company,dc=primary” | Select-Object -expandproperty Name)

Get-Process -computerName (import-csv .\computers.csv | select-object -expandproperty hostname)

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